Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Writer Wednesday Flash Fiction - The Road Not Taken

NaBloPoMo Post #30

Prompt: The Road Not Taken

The road not taken leads me into trouble. Again.  And this time, literally. What can I say, my curiosity overpowers my reasonable side. Time and time again. So instead of taking the sunny bright path to find my runaway cat, I of course chose to take the creepy dark road overgrown with strange plants and sinister old trees.

“Buffy, where the hell are you?” Yes, my cat is named Buffy. The vampire-hunting, butt-kicking Buffy. Because I think that if my cat turned into a person, she would totally be a kick-ass chick.

A few pairs of glowing eyes stare at me from both sides of the path. 

“You better not have eaten Buffy,” I say to them, my voice bolder than what I feel. They just blink and keep staring.
I keep walking until I reach a dark lake. Mist is rising above it in spades. Very dramatic. Even more dramatic is the mermaid sitting on a large boulder in the middle. She flaps her green scaly tail at me and giggles. The mermaids here have the brain power of twelve a year-old. 

I’m about to pass her because I have no interest in mindless talk just now, but I pause to ask her if she saw Buffy.

“Oooo, a kitty. They are so cute,” the bubble head mermaid says. “You know, kitties don’t like water.” 
Great, she’s a fountain of useless, and unsolicited, knowledge. 

I’m about to walk away when the mist lifts a bit and I see Buffy curled up on her lap.

“Can I have my cat back please,” I ask her, my words dripping with honey. 

“Come and get her,” the mermaid says and giggles again. 

Ugh, great. She wants to play. Now I have to get wet.  I slowly proceed to step into the water. It’s weirdly warm and I plunge in. My head deeps below the inky depth and I feel water entering my nose.

I start coughing and open my eyes. I’m in my bed. Buffy is sitting on top of my chest and persistently licks my nose.


  1. Now that is a twist on the dark path at night, love it! I also love the idea of mermaids being a bit bubbled headed. Too awesome! And ewe, my cat does that if I sleep to heavy...

  2. LOL Glad you liked it. I had a bit of a block today with the flash fiction and then it just flowed out.
    My cat just stands on top of my head and screams at me until I either figure out what he wants or let him under the covers lol

  3. This is fantastically written! Oh, and does this post wrap up your nablopomo challenge?

  4. Thank you Rebecca! :) Yes, today is actually the last post. It was great to do the challenge and finish it.

  5. YA! YA! YA! As in YOUNG ADULT! You NEED to write a YA story pronto. I'm serious. You have an amazing and natural talent for a teen voice - and I mean that as a compliment. :D


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