Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Writer Wednesday Flash Fiction - The Tiger

NaBloPoMo #23

The Tiger

The tiger stalked through the jungle, body low to the ground, ears perked up. Its massive body glistened in the interspersing light and shadow. He was the king here. The ultimate predator. His pale green eyes sighted the prey, slithering its way along the rough earth covered with foliage and above-ground roots of an olden giant of a tree. The tiger pounced and a short fight ensued. The snake twisted and thrashed wildly but the beast had it by its neck and the fight was over quick. The snake stopped moving and hung limply in the tiger’s jaw, its long body shimmering like a wet watercolor.  

This snake won’t attack any more people in the village, the tiger thought with satisfaction. The people have a protector now.

Yes, I’m the king now, the tiger thought, laying down in the shade after a good meal. Why would I ever want to go give up this power, this strength? Why would I ever want to go back to being a weak human that I was?

For only a month ago, he was bitten by a tiger and survived to find that he could transform into the beast whenever he wished. The problem was he didn’t wish to transform back into a human. Or was it a problem?...


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