Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Favorite Writing and Writer Blogs - Part I

NaBloPoMo post #2

Writing oriented and writer/author blogs can be a great source for learning about the writing craft, fun ideas and much inspiration.

Here are a few of my favorite writing/writer blogs:

Write it Sideways - Writing Advice From a Fresh Perspective. Lots of fresh content continously

Rachelle Gardner Literary Agent - Writing and Publishing advice from an agent's perspective

Story Treasure - A fun informative blog by Sonia Lal

Backstory - Where authors share secrets, truths, logical and illogical moments that sparked their fiction or memoirs

Writer's Write - Your One Stop Resource for Information about Books, Writing and Publishing. Daily Content.

Author Heather McCorkle - lots of tips and advice for writers, writer support and information on Heather's writing

Check out all these great blogs for a little (or a lot of) writer inspiration. Part II coming soon with more great writing blogs.

Share your favorite writing blogs!

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