Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Ideal Writing Space

NaBloPoMo Post #3

Having an appropriate and cozy work space is important to about anyone. However, nobody needs it more than someone who creates, especially a writer. Yes, it’s true that writers can write just about anywhere – in the train during commute to or from work, in a doctor’s office waiting for an appointment, on a plane during a business trip or sitting on the bed while holding the laptop on…well, the lap.

But every writer dreams of an ideal writing space that will inspire them and spur productivity. I can think of a number of variations that I would love to have for myself. Here's a few.   
One is a small cozy office with one wall being a floor to ceiling window, looking out into a beautiful green forest and far-off blue mountains. It is a picture of calm and idyll. There’s a small dark mahogany desk that fits a laptop and a few papers. There’s also  a cozy armchair by the window and lots of bookshelves.

Another is very similar but with an ocean view. I love open spaces and light. The space itself doesn't have to be big. Large spaces can be crowded and uncomfortable and small spaces can be open and light. It's all about the design and the feel.

I also love clean simple modern lines and even though a city view would not be my number one choice, it has its appeal for me as well, especially considering that it’s an inspiration, in a way, when some urban fantasy.

Here are a few more pictures of what I think are great writing spaces (or the views from the writing rooms).

 Until I can create one of my ideal writing spaces, however, I will continue to happily write on a little portable table by the bed with my hubby working a few feet away on his computer.

What is your ideal writing space like?


  1. Um...yes! Yes to all of them. Can I come visit?

  2. Of course, Tee! But you will also have a place all of your own like that (with whatever view you prefer!) :D


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