Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Writer Wednesdsay Flash Fiction - Reflection

This is more of a small reflection than a flash fiction. Hope you enjoy.


I bent down and picked up a stone. It was a smooth, gray rock with a greenish tint, shaped and molded this way by thousands or millions of waves of the ocean. My feet sank deep into the white soft sand, warmer on top, cooler below the surface.
Looking straight out to the horizon, I let my memories carry me away. This was the beach where I first fell in love, where my youth was so fresh and naive, it almost hurts to think about it. This was where the future looked exciting and full of possibilities, limitless and wonderful.
Later, this sand absorbed some of my first tears of disappointment and regret, of crushed dreams and dimming future. And then, more tears - of happiness as I watched my children play in the pearly azure waters with the same zeal and excitement for life as I once had. And life was then full of wonder and possibilities once more.
This would be my last time coming here. I smoothed the stone with my fingers, feeling its perfection. It will have a special place in my home, among the other stones I picked up here over the years as reminders of joy and sadness that this beach had been a witness to. Goodbye, my beach. Keep witnessing other lives now, other joys and sadness. And one day, my ashes will be mixed with your buttery sand so I could forever remain here.


  1. Aww. Love it. I went to high school right next to a beach. I used to love to go there in the winter time. The snow mixing with the sand is a sight to see.

    1. Beaches have always had a special place in my heart and all summer I was feeling like writing something to do with a beach. I have a short story swirling around about a beach, too.
      I should go see our beach in the winter time.


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