Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Teaser Tuesday - Angelique series

Today, instead of a real teaser, I'm going to mention the book I'm reading, as I'm reading it in Russian and can't post an actual teaser. This book is one of my favorites in the historical fiction and romance genre. It was written by a french married writer team of Anne and Serge Golon, better known in America as Sergeanne Golon. They wrote the Angelique series from the 1950s through 1970s.

Angelique is a series of novel, in which the heroine, Angelique, a girl from impoverished nobility, goes through various adventures that take her from the arms of true love and riches to the rags of Parisian poor bandits, to the splendor of Versailles and before the eyes of Sun King himself, who wants her for his mistress, and much much more.

The first time I read the books was when I was 13 (even though it's an adult themed series), and they made a big impression on me. I was surprised to pick up the books again now and find that I still loved them.

Various version of Angelique books from different countries: http://www.jannaludlow.co.uk/Angelique/Angelique_Gallery.html

Unfortunately, most of these books currently are used books but they are available out there.

I would recommend these novels to any fan of a good historical fiction and/or historical romance.

There is also a series of films that were made in 1960s, a joint production of France, Italy and Germany.

1960s series of film based on S. & A. Golon's books


  1. I'll need you to translate for me, or teach me Russian.

    1. Or I think I'll just get you a used book of it in English (that is until I can read it in the original French and translate it for you) ;)


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