Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Writer Wednesday - Feed Our Creativity Monster - your help is wanted!

Today, my writing partner, the lovely Tina Moss, and I are running pretty identical posts (except the pictures, so you have to check out both! mwahaha). Check it out here! We have been throwing around ideas for our "secret project" for some time now. It's become obvious that we need a fresh perspective.

Creativity Monster?

And that's where you come in. Yes, you! We want to hear about your favorite book, movie, TV show or play. Tell us why it's your favorite. What do you love about it? What was the best part? The most iconic scene? The story that you can't live without? Tell us the dirt. Spill the beans. We want to know. In short, inspire us with your favorites. We're looking to bring out the big guns, cross genre lines, and write like there's no tomorrow. Nothing is off the list. If the secret project becomes WALKING DEAD meets LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD meets MOBY DICK, then heck we'll write the zombie white whale in a red hood. Okay, maybe not, but you get the picture.

So, help us out. What story last tugged at your heart strings? Which one opened your mind to another point of view? What tale inspired you?

Oh, and I just couldn't resist this one, sorry:  



  1. HA! Love the Creativity Monster. Let's see what lightning...I mean, inspiration strikes! :)

  2. That dog is so going to need a bath. LOL!

    My favorite movies are usually epic, like War Horse, Braveheart, or Wolverine. I like strong characters and big stories. I love anything by Joss Whedon as well. That man just has IT. Buffy and Firefly rocked. I'm not sure if that helps though. ;)

    1. I love epic movies as well. haven't seen War Horse yet, but Braveheart is one of my favorites, as well as The Last Samurai.
      And I'm a huuuuuge Joss Whedon fan!
      Thanks for your input, Heather...definitely something to think about!

  3. I usually don't read horror, but there was a particular book that caught my attention a few years ago and I have re-read it a couple of times since then. It is called "Hater" by: David Moody.

    In the book, a certain part of the population appears to go mad. They begin lashing out at individuals apparently due to the paranoia that they believe they're the ones being targeted.

    The is written in 1st person POV and shows the protagonist's fight against these "Haters." He runs and hides from them, fights against them, etc.

    Halfway through the book, the protagonist's pov suddenly shifts from being a "good guy" to being a "Hater." The Author does it in a way that, for the remainder of the book, makes me believe that the "Haters" were actually the good guys. It was a great piece of writing.

    It made me think about perception and what "bad" and "good" actually are. These words have to be the most subjective words ever! No one will ever say that the person they're fighting with is actually the good guy. But who is "good" in the conflict? We can't all agree on that because both sides fighting percieve that they are the good ones.

    Rant over! Hope it helps :)


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