Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Art & History Feature - Fashion and Jewelry of Renaissance Italy and England

I love looking at the fashion and jewelry of epochs gone by. Today, I thought I'd share two of my favorite periods in history, fashion-wise: Renaissance Italy and Tudor England. I have especially enjoyed watching this fashion on two of the Showtime series - The Tudors and The Borgias.

Italian Renaissance

Portrait of Lucrezia Panciatrichi by Angelo Bronzino
Bella by Titian
Lady With A Unicorn by Raphael Sanzio. Thought to be a portrait of Julia Farnese, mistress of Rodrigo Borgia.
Joanne Whalley as Vannozza dei Cattanei on the Showtime the Borgias
Holliday Grainger as Lucrezia and Francois Arnaud as Cesare on the Showtime the Borgias

Tudor Era - England

Annabelle Wallis as Queen Jane on the Showtime Tudors
Anne Boleyn

Fashion of which periods of history and regions of the world do you enjoy looking at?


  1. I want an excuse to dress up like this. :)

  2. I second Tina's comment. But I think I could only dress up like that for a few hours. Then I'd cut off the corset, fling it into the rubbish bin, and jump into some pjs.

  3. I love anything that has to with the Tudors. I think its a sign they should be in my life with my birthday on Annes Coranation as Queen of England


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