Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Art & History Feature - Ruth Thompson

Ruth Thompson - Dragon
 As a lover of all things urban fantasy and paranormal romance (as a writer and a reader), it's no wonder that I tend to gravitate heavily towards fantasy artists. I discovered one of my favorite female fantasy artists at a Renaissance Fair where there was a booth selling her art books and prints. Since then, her art has haunted me with beautiful visions of angels, elves, dragons and other magical beings. Her name is Ruth Thompson and her website is called Ruth Thompson's Tarnished Images

I will let Ruth Thompson speak about herself with her "About" and "Frequently Asked Questions" on her website - which I really recommend checking out. What I'm going to do here is give you a sampling of her art and let you decide if you want to know more - and if you're as enthralled by her art as I am.


Ruth Thompson - Howl

Ruth Thompson - Michael

Ruth Thompson - Gabriel

Ruth Thompson - Warrior & Unicorn

Ruth Thompson - Dragon

Ruth Thompson - The Snow Queen (close-ups)


  1. Very haunting and beautiful images. Especially love the dragons.

  2. Those are really nice! I love the ones of the archangels.

  3. Ruth is fantastic! I'm in awe of how beautiful these paintings are!


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