Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Liebster Award - 11 Fun Facts About Me and The Next Nominees

I'm so excited to have been nominated for the Liebster Blog Awards by my awesome writing partner and friend, Tina Moss. What is it, you ask? Well, I have to tell you 11 fun facts about myself, answer 11 questions and then tag 11 wonderful writers to do the same. What a great way to get to know the writing community and connect with other writers!

So here goes.

11 Fun Facts About Me:

1. I was born in Kiev, Ukraine and came to America when I was 13. Even though I'm fluent in Russian (speaking and reading), I now think entirely in English and sometimes have a hard time finding the correct Russian words when I use them more in English.
2. I'm a 2nd Degree Black Belt (2nd Dan) and hoping to go for my 3rd Degree soon. The style of Martial Arts that I practice is called Shotokan Karate and it is a traditional Japanese karate. I've always been fascinated with all things Martial Arts, since I was a child.

Training with my niece, who's a brown belt     

At the Dojo

3. I got my Masters in Publishing but I've never worked in publishing.
4. My hubby and I recently bought our very first house. We still haven't moved in but hoping to in the next couple of weeks and I'm very excited.
5. My baby is a 14-year old Siamese cat, who is the last of the three cats we had. This is the first time in his life that he's by himself and the first time he's an alpha cat. He's enjoying all the attention being lavished on him.

Bones. Look at that beautiful face...
6. When I was little (around 10-12 years old) I was writing a half autobiographical story and I would have family readings of my progress.
7. I met one of my dearest friends and now my writing partner, Tina Moss, at the Dojo. We took all the tests together all the way to black belt.

Dangerous chicks. Tina Moss and I.

8. I also met my hubby at the Dojo (that he's the owner of).
9. I'm a Gemini and my interests are very varied and come and go in waves (although, most interests are ones that I maintained throughout my life).
10. I want to travel all over the world. So far, I've been to Italy, France, Mexico, Greece and Poland.

With hubby in front of the Trevi Fountain in Rome
My dream of visiting Louvre in Paris came true last summer!

11. I try to always see the best in people.

Eleven questions:
1. Who is the author you admire most? Too many to list. Michael Bulgakov, Ray Bradbury, Ilona Andrews and many others.
2. Why do you write (in five words or less)? Because it makes me happy.
3. What is your favorite genre to read? I'll give you two - Urban Fantasy and Historical Fiction
4. Who is your biggest inspiration? Again, I'll mention two. My hubby, Thomas Casale and my writing partner, Tina Moss. They both achieved so much in their lives, despite of numerous roadblocks and challenges. And they both taught me to never give up.
5. What advice would you give to new writers? Don't ever give up on your dreams.
6. What is your favorite hobby? Reading.
7. Are you a cat or dog person? This one is tough. I'm both. Used to be a very dog person until I met my husband who had 3 cats at the time. They all became my babies. We only have one now.
8. Where is your ideal vacation spot? A tropical beach anywhere.
9. What is a place you want to visit, but haven't yet? This one is no brainer - definitely Japan!
10.What is the meaning of life in one word (or number) *wink* I'll answer this one with a picture:

11. If you're on a deserted island, what are three things you must have? 1) My Nook (with an abundant source of battery power that never runs out 2) Pad and pen or pencil to write and sketch the island 3) A big knife, a versatile tool as well as a weapon to defend myself.

 New Nominees for the Liebster Award:

Brenda Corey Dunne
Vicki Lemp Weavil
Hope Adon
AL Jackson
Carrie Butler
Lilly VanHorn
Allison Duke
Tee Tate
F.J.R. Titchenenell
Ebony McKenna
Tierney Fowler

You new questions:
1. When did you start writing?
2. Who is the one author you'd like to sit down with and talk if you could?
3. Who is your favorite fictional character?
4. Beach house, country house or city appartment?
5. What is your favorite time of year?
6. What is your favorite sport or fitness activity?
7. What is one bad habit you have?
8. Tea or coffee?
9. What is your favorite TV show?
10. If you could only own one book, what would it be?
11. What is your favorite fruit?

The Liebster Rules:
1. The Liebster Award is given to bloggers by bloggers.
2. Each blogger should post 11 facts about himself / herself.
3. Each blogger should answer the 11 questions that are asked by the nominating blogger.
4. Choose 11 new bloggers to nominate for the Award and link to them in the post.
5. Create 11 new questions for your nominees.
6. Go back to their pages and tell them they’ve been nominated.
7. No tag backs.

If you were already tagged or don't have time to do this, please feel free to skip this :) If you want to play, please follow the rules listed above and have fun!


  1. Awww. Thanks sweetie! Love your answers. And the picture to the meaning of life question is priceless! As for the Nook on the desert island...what about a solar powered Nook?!?! :)

    1. Yes, a solar powered Nook - that's brilliant! :D

  2. Yay for black belts! And I LOVE that picture of you and your hubby in Rome!

    1. Thanks, Heather! I love that picture, too. :) And Woot Woot for Black Belts!

  3. Thanks for tagging and for sharing. It's really fun learning random facts about people, because you never know what you'll find out next. I think it's awesome that you have a black belt. I have a healthy dose of respect for anyone who can flip me on my back in a move or two. :)

    1. Hahaha I wouldn't do that if it's not deserved ;)
      I'm looking forward to reading fun facts about you!

  4. I loved learning more about you, Yelena! :) And thank you for the tag!

  5. Thank you so much for tagging me in this! I don't have a ton of writer friends yet, so tagging other people was a little bit hard, but I hope to change that in the coming months!

    Also, I took TKD when I was in elementary/middle school. I got up to red belt before thinking I was too cool and quitting. Now I wish I'd stuck with it!


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