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Interview with Vanessa Barger, author of A Whispered Darkness, and Giveaway!

Today, I'm very happy to have the wonderful Vanessa Barger, the author of A Whispered Darkness, stop by for an interview.

Title: A Whispered Darkness
Publication date: August 26, 2014
Publisher: Month9Books, LLC.
Author: Vanessa Barger

When Claire Mallory’s father leaves, her mom moves them to a new town and into a dilapidated Victorian house.

The old house creaks and whistles, and smells well — like it’s been abandoned for years. But as the nights grow longer and the shadows take on substance, Claire wonders if the strange sounds and occurrences might be more than the house showing its age.

Just as things start to pick up in Claire’s love life, her mother becomes possessed. In an attempt to save her mother and their new home, Claire enlists the help of two boys, each of whom is interested in Claire for different reasons. As she chooses one boy over the other, something dangerous is unleashed, and the spirits make their move.

They aren’t content to moan and scream inside Claire’s house, or even control her mom. They want a taste of freedom, and she’s their key to getting it. But is Claire strong enough to fight off the evil spirits, or will they claim her and her mom before it’s all over?

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Interview with Vanessa Barger

Welcome, Vanessa. So happy to have you here!

     What was your inspiration for writing A Whispered Darkness?
I was watching one of those ghost shows on the Syfy channel – I think it was Paranormal Witness – and the homeowner discovers that the house was used as a mental hospital. It all started there and then spiraled out into its own thing. I love those shows. Most of the time they’re overhyped and ridiculous, but they are entertaining.

Possession is an interesting topic. Do you believe in real-life possession?
I believe that there are a great many things that can’t be explained. I believe in ghosts and such. I even think I’ve seen a few. Possession is different. I’m not sure, so I guess I’m skeptical but not willing to say no. The world is so much more than what we think we know.

What makes the heroine, Claire Mallory, different and unique?
I think she’s different because she knows what she is and yet still doesn’t really know how to come to terms with herself. The book isn’t so much about finding out who she is – she kind of knows that to a certain extent – it’s about learning to be okay with that, after having some pretty awful experiences happen. I also think her relationships with others make her unique. I love the relationship between Claire and Grant. They aren’t at each other’s throats or ignoring each other. They are what each other has left and their friends. It isn’t something you see often in fiction.

     What is your favorite genre to read?
Young Adult. I love YA. I’m not such a huge fan of contemporary, but if its intriguing enough, I’ll give it a try. (I teach in a high school. I get all the contemporary drama I need there!) Otherwise, I’ll read any YA. I also really enjoy travel essay novels. And historicals. And…. Oh, I love books. Let’s just go with that.

     I’m always interested in author’s writing process, so it’s a question I ask often. What is your writing process like?
     I wish I could tell you I have it all mapped out. But to be honest, it’s kind of in upheaval right now. I recently got married and moved. No one tells you that living with a boy changes things! They want to talk to you and watch TV or go out and do stuff and eat dinner at a table… For the moment, I still carry around my writing journal, and I try to write in the evenings after work and on the weekends when I can. I’m working on coming up with a real system, and it might even involve getting up really early. *gulp* so I can have regular writing time every day like I want.

      If you could have your ideal writing space, what would it be like?
I have this all picked out. I want a small room, either a sunroom off of the house, or a modified shed looking out onto yard/woods with lots of windows on two walls and bookcases on the other. I want a huge wood desk, with enough space for a computer area and a not computer area. And a cushy couch/armchair for visitors and/or procrastination. That’s not hard, right? lol

     You education is so diverse. I love that you minored in Medieval and Renaissance Literature! Do you like reading historical fiction? And what is your favorite period in history?
I really enjoy historical fiction. My absolute favorite period is Tudor England/medieval/renaissance. Seriously. If you tell me it’s set in Henry VIII’s court, I’ll read it, no matter what it is. I also really enjoy ancient Egypt and Revolutionary War era stuff (which is harder to find something I enjoy in, actually).

Rapid questions:

Coffee or tea? Tea.

Europe or a Tropical Island for vaca? Ooo… that’s hard. Tropics are fun, but let’s go Europe. More castles.

3 Favorite books:

This is a killer question! These change all the time, but the first two are pretty constant.
Lord of the Rings by Tolkien
Jane Eyre by Bronte
The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

Thanks for having me!!!


Vanessa Barger was born in West Virginia, and through several moves ended up spending the majority of her life in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She is a graduate of George Mason University and Old Dominion University, and has degrees in Graphic Design, a minor in Medieval and Renaissance Literature, and a Masters in Technology Education. She has had articles published in Altered Arts Magazine, has had some artwork displayed in galleries in Ohio and online, and currently teaches engineering, practical physics, drafting and other technological things to high school students in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. She is a member of the SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) and the Virginia Writer's Club. When not writing or teaching, she’s a bookaholic, movie fanatic, and loves to travel. She has one cat, who believes Vanessa lives only to open cat food cans, and can often be found baking when she should be editing.

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  1. Congrats to Vanessa, this sounds like an excellent book! I love a good ghost story and this certainly sounds as though it delivers and then some. I'm off to check it out on B&N.

  2. Thanks for having me out today!!!!

    1. My pleasure, loved the interview! Congratulations on the release :)

  3. Happy Book Birthday to Vanessa!
    This has been on my TBR list since the cover reveal! ^_^


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